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    The ancient Egyptians decorated with theTN Requin Pas Cher sole pattern, with footprints to

    transmit information.

    King of France (mbt shoes wholesale) Louis XIV, short stature, then a 5-inch-high heels to compensate for,NIKE TN

    chat painted on the heel pocket he led the victorious army pattern. Women Greenland fur lining on the baby

    high flange in warm. ? Abraham Lincoln Nike shox the

    uncomfortable shoes off, wearing a ,TN REQUIN NIKE

    in the White House shuffled walking, so much surprised by his fellow politicians.
    Lifetimes, each of us could walk sixty-five thousand miles - almost half weeks around the earth. If you carefully look at the people to wear shoes, you will find that they had

    been to where to where to go. Shoes than any personal property owned by each of us are better shows the way of life, work and play mode. In the world of every culture, people

    wore ( or do not wear ) can reflect their environment and culture, and they, as men, women, adults and the child's social roles. Throughout human history, shoes and has been

    closely related to special events - from weddings to funerals, from the coronation to execution - and we celebrate our shared heritage and the story has become an important


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